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Skillzing support young people, women, families and ex-military personnel with a variety of training solutions all designed to empower them with some real life skills.


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The Skillzing team are all experienced, passionate trainers who are dedicated to supporting people with simple, effective training solutions that enhance and change lives.





Teaching Very Real Skills

The Skillzing courses are all designed to support users with some real life skills that can be used daily to improve their safety, mental health and quality of life. Short courses that are easy to digest and provide powerful and effective skills and tips.

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Life Skills Personal Safety Parenting Course

Basic Dog Obedience

Group of diverse people in cpr training class

Essential First Aid for Families

Pads by Numbers

ReKipies Healthy Home

One Step Ahead Women’s Safety Course

Inspired to Achieve


Back to Work Pass

Skill Zing is a social impact training platform for individuals and organizations that are interested in building better habits in life and work.

Skillzing was born out of many years of giving back to vulnerable people and as a result we have worked hard to establish a business model that continually and sustainably provides vulnerable people with support, advice and education.

The Pay if Forward Promise is an integral part of Skillzing and to the success of the Become your HERO project. (A project for vulnerable people in communities)

Pay it Forward means we allocate a course free to a local vulnerable person every-time a course is purchased. Vulnerable people are identified through one of the charities Skillzing is supporting, who also monitor the impact of the training solution with their clients.

Companies can opt to support their chosen charity through the Pay it Forward promise.

It is our objective to provide thousands of free social impact training solutions to vulnerable people covering a wide range of topics that are designed to improve the safety, confidence, self-esteem and positive mental health of people of all ages, genders and physical abilities.

This promise is a commitment the entire Skillzing team and its content providers are 100% behind.