Life Skills Personal Safety

Prepare your kids today for a safer tomorrow


The life skills anti-bullying course is brilliant and easy to deliver. Just be prepared to have some fun with the little people in front of you - Adam Davey (Primary Teacher)

Supporting the families of murdered young people has been at times very frustrating and traumatic, however working with Gary and his relentless positive energy and superb knowledge surrounding personal safety, knife avoidance and general life skills has given me and the MAMAA team a new sense of enthusiasm for the work we do. Gary has an amazing ability to connect emotionally with a lot of the young people our charity works with and his delivery style, whilst direct is supportive and very educational - Lynne Costello MBE

A simple and effective way to empower young people with the skills to stay safe at school and home. I was amazed by how much information my students retained from the course - Shelly Simpson

Gary and his life skills course are a breath of fresh air. His energy and enthusiam coupled with a few excellent exercises has been very popular at our school. Now we have an equally energetic and bubbly teacher delivering the content, over 300 young people have increased their safety and life skills - Mrs Davina McQueen

My son was being bullied for months when you came to his school and ran your anti-bullying seminar and worked with him on a one to one basis. He now attends school daily and is a completely different child who is happy and confident again. Thank you so much - Sue Bridge

I started some volunteer work in Gary's charity at the age of 11, when i was apart of his kids teach kids team. I'm now 20 and the work we did then inspired me to work with vulnerable young people now - Toby

I had the pleasure of working with Gary over a couple of years in my capacity as a school sports co-ordinator for the special schools in and around Milton Keynes. The young people I work with have a range of physical, emotional and learning difficulties. Gary's work has been instrumental in giving these young people confidence in their own ability, self esteem, self defence and helping the development of their gross motor skills, co-ordination and balance - Mrs P.A.Kirk

Gary initially ran an assembly for my year 11 students on his anti-bullying concept. I was overwhelmed by the reaction from the students and within a few weeks, Gary became a regular visitor to my school. As a head teacher, I am always keen to explore educational initiatives that empower my students with those life skills that the normal school curriculum does not achieve. Gary's anti-bullying seminar and his wider life skills modules have played a massive part of filling this gap, and I recommend him and his work to any school - Andy McBernie

I run a primary school in the heart of Lincolnshire that has a wonderfully diverse cultural mix of pupils. Gary has been a welcome visitor to our school for over three years now with his limitless positive energy and great delivery style. His life skills courses are fun, high energy and yet very educational. I recommend Gary to any school or group that works with young people as his personal safety and anti-bullying knowledge is fantastic and has made a huge difference in the lives of our pupils - Tony Willows

These courses include:

  • Avoid Potentially Dangerous Situations
  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Assessing the Bully
  • Tricks & Lures
  • Positive & Negative Profilers
  • Evidence Logs
  • Knife Awareness & Avoidance
  • Calm and Breathing Techniques

Meet your trainer

Gary - Specialist Life Skills and Personal Safety Trainer

My entire career has been dedicated to training others both in a professional and community environment.

My role as a defensive tactics instructor saw me design and deliver training solutions to both Military and Police personnel for over 25 years.

Everything from soft skills training like communication and body language modules to more dynamic training including use of force and close quarter combat sessions.

My personal hobbies have since a young adult inspired my choice of career as I am an experienced and accomplished instructor in Wing Chun kung fu, Ju-Jitsu, Boxing and personal fitness.

Early in my professional career, I decided to use my knowledge to support vulnerable people and committed to developing numerous training solutions for young people and women.

I set up a charity called Young People are our Future to share this work with victims of bullying, domestic violence and knife crime. The charities work positively affected to lives of over 13,000 young people, 600 families and 10,000 working professionals.

A family man, I am blessed with an amazing wife, a handful of amazing kids and a beautiful granddaughter.

I now have the time, energy and experience to positively empower others with some real life skills through the Skillzing platform.