One Step Ahead Women's Safety Course

A Course That Literally Saves Lives

A Course That Literally Saves Lives

This is a powerful insight into the world of self protection. The content of the course flows well and takes you on an educational journey that will empower you with both the knowledge and skills to assess and avoid numerous situations that none of us want to experience - Irene Wilson

1 in 4 women will experience some form of abuse in 2021 and despite the efforts of many over the years, the safety of women in our communities remains one of the biggest social issues to tackle.

The women's safety course has proven to be a very successful educational solution to this problem as it approaches the subject in a supportive and very effective way, using the previous experiences of women to shape the content and delivery.

Meet your trainer

Gary - Specialist Life Skills and Personal Safety Trainer

My entire career has been dedicated to training others both in a professional and community environment.

My role as a defensive tactics instructor saw me design and deliver training solutions to both Military and Police personnel for over 25 years.

Everything from soft skills training like communication and body language modules to more dynamic training including use of force and close quarter combat sessions.

My personal hobbies have since a young adult inspired my choice of career as I am an experienced and accomplished instructor in Wing Chun kung fu, Ju-Jitsu, Boxing and personal fitness.

Early in my professional career, I decided to use my knowledge to support vulnerable people and committed to developing numerous training solutions for young people and women.

I set up a charity called Young People are our Future to share this work with victims of bullying, domestic violence and knife crime. The charities work positively affected to lives of over 13,000 young people, 600 families and 10,000 working professionals.

A family man, I am blessed with an amazing wife, a handful of amazing kids and a beautiful granddaughter.

I now have the time, energy and experience to positively empower others with some real life skills through the Skillzing platform.